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Silicon nitride glow plug

Si3N4 heating element product introducti

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  • Release time:2022/02/22

This product is mainly made of silicon nitride ceramic substrate, with tungsten filament as the heat source, tungsten wire embedded in silicon nitride substrates, through hot pressing sintering process to form an organic whole, then through grinding, welding wire, thus made the ignition components.

Performance characteristics:

L, small volume, light weight

L excellent thermal performance, fast heating, low temperature starting performance is good

L excellent electrical insulation properties

L adopts high performance silicon nitride material as base material, excellent oxidation resistance, long service life

L high temperature strength strong

Scope of application:

Widely used in high speed diesel engine, high temperature ignition device, oil medium, gas ignition, ignition burner ignition, preheater ignition, etc.

Silicon nitride ceramic electro-thermal plug was compared with the metal electric plug


SI3N$ ceramic glow plug

Metal electric plug

Preheating temperature(°C)



Warm up time (S)



Number of electricity



Low temperature starting ability (°C)