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Si3N4 heating element

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SI3N4 electric plug product introduction

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  • Release time:2022/02/22

The product adopts high performance silicon nitride ceramic substrate, high temperature and high mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance is strong, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, with excellent insulation properties and thermal conductivity.

Technical indicators

Rated voltage: 110 v to 250 v, 50/60 hz

Rated power: 1500 w to 2700 w

Insulation dielectric strength: 2500 v, 50 hz at room temperature, the breakdown in 60 seconds

Leakage current: 0.025 or less under the normal operation of the break in the water after 10 or less mA mA,

Acid corrosion resistance: boil 6 hours in 5% sulfuric acid solution, the corrosion rate < 10 g/m2. H

Boil 6 hours in 30% sulfuric acid solution, the corrosion rate < 0.6 g/m2. H

A room temperature flexural strength: 900 mpa or. Ml / 2

Fracture toughness at room temperature: 6.0 ~ 8.0 Mpa

Bulk density: 3.20 ~ 3.40 g/cm3

Volume resistivity at room temperature: 1014 Ω. Cm

The room temperature relative dielectric constant: 6 ~ 7

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 23 ~ 25 w/(M K)

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 3.1 x 10-6 / ℃

Hardness: HRA92 ~ 94

Performance characteristics:

L good electrical safety, broken after the leak current is less than 10 ma

L resistance to high temperature, dry point of up to 1300 ° C

L surface load is high, the liquid surface heating load of up to 78 w/c ㎡

L is small in size

L, thermal inertia small, warming faster

L long life

L naisuanjian corrosion

Scope of application:

Widely used in the direct heat and water-storage, energy-saving instantaneous electric water heater, instantaneous liquid heating, electric heating heater, hot and cold drink machine, air conditioning, direct hot water faucet, thermostat, steam generator and other home industry, industry, business in electric heaters.

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